Holey Moley


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Product Description

Industry Summary: Diamond Back’s “Holey Moley” product is ideal for all homes. Holey Moley is a perforated product that allows water to flow through at high rates but keeps debris out of
your gutters. Does not interfere with the shingles. Works well with maple seeds, oak tassels, ash quills and other small debris (not recommended for pine needles). Excellent for all roofs, including: Slate, Shake, Flat, Tile, and Metal.

Holey Moley Features & Benefits: Perforated gutter cover that out performs all the others. Mill Finished to prevent dissimilar Metal Reaction—This is crucial. Bare Stainless Steel will eat bare Aluminum.

  • Over 1,000 hours of research involved in taking the “BUGS” out of perforated gutter covers
  • Eliminates debris collecting and has a lot more holes to handle more water
  • Is NOT a recessed product so it will shed debris better!
  • “WAVE” technology…forces water through the product faster
  • Self-cleaning product…unlike the other perforated gutter covers