About Us

diamond-back-gutter-coversWith over 40 years in the business, Dan Feldhaus knows a thing or two about gutter covers. It has been his mission to reflect the best price for quality products in the industry. Diamond Back Gutter Covers represent his tested knowledge of how gutter covers should be: effective, affordable and easy to install.

Welcome to Diamond Back Gutter Covers home of the world’s fastest gutter cover. Sold exclusively to contractors.

One man can install 500ft of Diamond Back’s patented “Z” bend in one day all while NEVER paying a dealer fee.

Our product line has no roof interruption resulting in less service calls for you the installer.

Dan Feldhaus, an owner installer since 1976, developed Diamond Back products knowing the TRUE cost of a low quality product. Quality products that were designed by an experienced installer help BUILD your business.

Diamond Back equals less service calls. PERIOD. They cover the ENTIRE gutter allowing more water to enter the gutter faster all while shedding that unwanted debris.

Adding our diversified product line will increase your closing ratio.

If this is the first time you have heard of Diamond Back, please request a FREE Contractor’s Sample Kit.

If you already have received your contractor’s sample kit and need more reasons to choose Diamond Back, click on our Video Library. Watch how easy it is to LEAD the industry.

STRIKE BACK against leaves, low quality covers, and those RIDICULOUS dealer fees.

Several Different Products, ONE solution: DIAMOND BACK – Where quality builds YOUR business.